What follows “I AM…” follows you. So, what words are you using to describe yourself? When you look in the mirror and think “I am…..” what words come to your mind first? When I was first introduced to this concept it was pretty eye opening to actually admit to the words I was using to describe myself. Some were positive, but many were negative. Some were just down-right self-destructive. Why do we do that to ourselves? As part of my journey to fixing my inner broken, changing my self-describing words was (and still is!) an important part of the process. I made a decision one morning to really own my words. I started responding to the question “How are you?” with “I’m awesome!”  I could never have anticipated the results of this little self-experiment.

The first day I started responding with “I’m awesome”, I got a lot of skeptical looks. Like, “Really? You’re for real awesome? Yah! Suuurrre!” I even had one lady ask me if I was being sarcastic! I found this response to be quite amusing. Our society is so used to the standard “I’m good” response that switching up one little word was causing some immediate confusion. As I continued with my “I’m awesome” experiment, the response of people that I saw on a consistent basis changed from one of skepticism to one of anticipation. They would ask, “How are you?” and their faces had a look of curious anticipation… “Is she still awesome?” Yes friends, I sure am awesome! And not only are you anticipating me to be awesome, but I’m actually feeling pretty awesome for shaking things up! Over the next few months people would ask how I was. I kept responding with “I’m awesome.” Then, I would return the inquiry, and they started changing their standard “I’m good” response with an “I’m awesome too” or “I’m fantastic” or “I’m amazing”. My little self-experiment to change my own negative self-talk was actually, unintentionally, creating a culture change! WHAAAAT?? Now that IS awesome! Just last week a co-worker was introducing me to a new employee and he said, “This is Jessica, she’s one of the nurses, and she is awesome!” BAM. Goosebumps!

What follows “I AM …” follows you. My intention was to shift a negative self-belief to a positive. Not only had I succeeded in making “awesome” one of my core self-descriptive words, but the impact of changing that one word had a way bigger impact than I could have ever imagined. I am more positive in my self-talk – success! More importantly, those around me began dumping the mediocrity of “I’m good” and creating something better. It was infectious! I challenge you to give it a try! Pick a word that really resonates with you, a word that makes you feel confident and fantastic inside, and rock it! Try it out below in the comments. You are safe here to practice. Don’t be surprised when those around you start catching on!