Jessica Smith, RN Coach

Dedicated to help you smile from the inside out with that inner knowing that you don’t TAKE sh*t; you are “The Sh*t”!

Registered Nurse

15 years and counting, in the trenches with you, supporting those in need, when and where they need us – 24/7.

RN Coach

Since 2015. Because nurses are my passion. We are desperately needed, and we desperately need support. 

Family Woman

Yes, like all of you, I am also responsible for the well-being of my family. Balancing it all….. Most of the time.

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Who better to be a life coach than a nurse?

I have been in the nursing profession since 2002 and have plenty of experience listening carefully to people’s concerns, collecting both subjective and objective ques, and helping patients navigate through the complexities of medical treatment. Like you, I provide insight, clarity, and guidance for my patients in moments when emotions are high, thoughts are confused, fears are very real, and they are desperate for someone to trust. Like you, I work from a place of integrity, genuine concern, and am motivated to help my patients make a decision that feels right for them. Like you, watching them transition from fear, confusion, and desperation to determined, confident, and reassured is beyond rewarding. And sometimes, we nurses, need support as well.

Taking You Further Than You Thought Possible

Life coaching is quite similar to nursing. As a coach specifically for nurses, I am here for you when your emotions are a mess, you are fearful of making the changes you know you need to make, and are desperate for someone to trust. I help you navigate through your fears, break through your barriers, and truly learn to fly in your life. Not only do I help you get through those seemingly impossible situations, but I take you even further by encouraging you to achieve goals you never thought possible.

If I Can Do It. You Can Do It

How do I know you can achieve the seemingly miraculous? Because, I’ve done it. In 2011, I finally found the courage to step up in my life, face my fears, and make some major changes. I attended a transformational conference that changed my outlook on everything, gave me hope, stirred up my inner strength and lit a fire of motivation inside of me that I thought I had lost. I set out on a journey of self discovery that has made me stronger, healthier, more positive, and motivated to continue striving to be my best. Making these changes in my life was not easy. In fact, it was terrifying.

From Awful to Filled with Awe

Sometimes I had help along the way, and other times I felt like I was trying to climb a rock face with no rope and no one to catch me if I fell. That’s why I decided to become a life coach. So that you don’t have to feel like you are alone. I know from experience that place of feeling desperate to make a change in your life but being terrified and clueless as to how to take the first step in the right direction. I am here for you. I have developed several tools to support you.

Allow me the honor of being your support, your rope, your accountability partner, your cheerleader.

Your personal success is my greatest reward.