At The End of Your Rope?

As nurses we are caregivers by nature. As caregivers, we put the needs of others above our own. We give selflessly to our profession, our patients, our families, our friends, and our communities.

Our giving often comes with great sacrifice. We sacrifice our very own well-being so that others may thrive. While noble, this is not sustainable. We deserve to thrive right along with those that we help. We deserve to be our healthiest, and our happiest. Our friends and families deserve to experience the best of us every single day. If you are experiencing a breakdown in any part of your life, it is time to take care of yourself.

Because I know from experience that this is hard to do on your own, I have dedicated myself to helping you. I understand your exhaustion. I understand your fears. I understand your deepest desires. And I am here to help you discover your happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled self by first teaching you how to give your best to yourself!

It is my goal, my passion, and my pleasure to inspire you to find your purpose and pleasure in this life. If you are feeling desperate to make a change in your life and are unsure of how to overcome the challenges that are in your way, it would be my pleasure to work with you. For me, there is no greater reward than to see those around me flourish and know that is is because I have touched their lives.

Need Triage or Just Need To Talk?

Take a breath and allow me to offer you my introduction special a  25 minute phone coaching session for only $25. I will help you get centered and move forward with confidence.



Coffee With A Coach

In Case Of Emergency:


Get present now.

Take A Breath

Start breathing again.

Observe Yourself

You are safe.

Proceed Forward

I can help.