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Six Day Stress To Strength Online Only Seminar Series

Start The Series Anytime
  • In This Six Day Video Seminar Series Delivered Daily To Your Inbox, You Will Learn:
  • The Six Character Strengths That Make You A Great Nurse
  • How These Strengths Create Stress In Your Personal Life Draining Your Energy
  • Actionable Steps You Can Take Right Now To Move From Stress To Strength
  • Printable Tools To Reinforce What You Have Learned
  • Sign Up Now And Receive A Special Bonus: Our Custom Guided Affirmations Meditation To Help You  Make A Lasting Shift From          Stress To Strength

Six Week Stress To Strength with Personal Power Bonus

Upgrade Now
  • For A Customized Experience, Upgrade To The Personal Power Package To Receive:
  • Everything From The Six Week Stress To Strength Online Video Seminar And Coaching Event Plus Bonuses
  • Individual One-On-One Coaching Sessions With Coach Jessica For Personal Attention and Customized Accountability
  • Opportunities To Unpack Your Limiting Belief
  • Context To Create A Deep Awareness Of What Is Holding You Back And How To Break Through To Strength

Six Week Stress To Strength Seminar Series And Coaching Event

Did you know that the strengths necessary to excel at your nursing career may also be causing you stress in your personal life? Sign up now for the next six week series to receive:

  • Six short videos of nurse-specific life coaching content that is yours to keep and reference forever.
  • Printable tools and exercises that you can use now and in the future for sustained strength.
  • Strategies on how to minimize the stress created by your strengths
  • Strategies to make these strengths stronger to excel in your career
  • A safe environment to share the real stressors we experience as nurses professionally and personally.
  • Lasting friendships and accountability with other nurses (via our Private Facebook Group).
  • The intimacy of a small group where equal participation and growth is possible.
  • Access to your own personal life coach to help reinforce your success.
  • And a guided mediation by guest hypnotherapist, Debra Deming, to reinforce and integrate what you learn in your life.

What To Expect When You Sign Up…

  • You will receive an orientation email the Sunday before group launch to help you prepare for your six week transition from stress to strength.
  • The Live Group Coaching Calls will take place every Monday. You will have live support from coach Jessica and the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your peers. This is where true transformation takes place as coach Jessica guides you to the next level by taking you from awareness into action.
  • Every Monday you will receive an email reminder about the Live Group Coaching Call that contains the private group phone number and the access code to join the call. You will receive a second email containing the video content as well as printable tools and weekly exercises to support the training.
  • You will receive access to the private group Facebook page. This group serves to give you additional access to Jessica as your coach, as well unlimited opportunities to strengthen your relationship with other like-minded nurses who are working on making the shift from stress to strength, just like you.
  • You can expect to invest about 3-4 hours of your time each week.

Personal Power Package

Awareness starts the process, actions turn the awareness into long lasting habit. 

For a deeper experience, upgrade your coaching kit to the Personal Power Package. You will receive three intimate 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Coach Jessica. 

In these sessions Jessica will guide you in a deep exploration of your context and limiting beliefs to help you create a powerful and individualized action plan. Sometimes, having an expert eye to help you unpack your bags in a personal and meaningful way is just what the doctor orders for lasting success.

Enjoy the personal attention and customized accountability that come with a greater commitment to your success.